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today we represent maxomorra, and mpdenmark.


Maxomorra is a GOTS-certified brand from Älmhult Sweden. celebrating 10 year.

Mpdenmark is a brand from denmark thats been around since 1937.

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Little BIX Distribution

ecological movement

We aim to offer Swedish stores and webshops an ecological and fair trade range that at the same time meets the customers' demands for design and quality.

Malin who started the company has over 10 years of experience in the retail business and runs a children's store in Uppsala.

We know that the range is A and O to succeed in the retail trade and we know what customers are demanding. In us you will find a stable and knowledgeable partner who is happy to help with any issues that may arise regarding entrepreneurship.


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We are an agency and a distribution firm, that cares about you and your business!

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